Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) has made an investment in a new aerodynamic technology and entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Plasma Stream Technologies. 
Plasma Stream’s patented new technology was developed at the University of Notre Dame.  It uses plasma actuator technology to reduce aerodynamic drag on semi-trucks and trailers, resulting in fuel savings.  The active flow control system that manipulates airflow around the vehicle, offers aerodynamic benefits without the added weight and maintenance issues associated with bolt-on aero devices.  The system is deployed automatically and has the flexibility to be used with roll-up doors, as well as swing doors, unlike other conventional boat-tail designs. 
Trucking fleets are increasingly focused on improving the aerodynamics of their vehicles to reduce total cost of ownership, but also to meet upcoming GHG Phase 2 standards.  The proposed standards covering trailers beginning in model year 2018 encourage the adoption of green technologies that reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions. 
“P.S.I. believes the Plasma Stream technology can offer a real advantage for fleets, just like automatic tire inflation,” explained Tim Musgrave, president and CEO.  “Reducing fuel consumption benefits the environment as well as our customers’ bottom line, so our investment in Plasma Stream is in sync with our commitment to the market of providing product that delivers a highly desirable ROI.  We are excited about the potential provided by our two companies working together to deliver this innovative product to the commercial vehicle market.”
Corey Park, director at Plasma Stream added, “We expect P.S.I.’s reputation, knowledge of the market, and well-established distribution channels will spur market adoption and give us the capability to bring Plasma Stream’s technology to trucking fleets worldwide.”